Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of Swimming Pool LED Underwater Lights

In recent times, the swimming pool underwater lights have gained immense popularity as people want to make their pools more exciting. What make it more popular is the longer life cycle and the energy efficient nature of these LED lights. However, many of us do not know exactly how to use them so as to get the best effect in the pool. In this blog, we bring to you a guide to get the dynamic lighting effect in your backyard pool.

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Lighting designs top tips

The first and foremost thing to be understood is the fact that underwater lighting is a lot different than lighting in any other place. Considering the brightness of the light isn’t going to suffice, some of the elements to consider, are-

  • Ambient lighting in the pool area
  • Illumination of the pool walls and floor
  • Colour value of the lights used if you are using multi colour lights
  • Perfect balance between the brighter and dim areas
  • Transparency of the pool water

Pool texture and colour

The interior texture and pool colour will have an effect on the way the lighting is done. Blue lights will appear 5 times brighter than red lights. If the pool surface is darker, it will absorb a lot more light. As thumb rule, if you are using 1 light for a light coloured pool, it needs to be 1.5 lights for a darker one.

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